{{language == 'en'?'Enabling Mobile Hotel Operations':'实现移动酒店运营'}}

{{language == 'en'?'Oracle Hospitality Hotel Mobile is a native app that extends key Oracle Hospitality hotel functions to mobile devices, empowering your staff to improve guest engagement by offering personalized services virtually anywhere across your property. Please note that Oracle Hospitality Consulting services must be purchased separately to set up and configure Hotel Mobile. A valid Hotel Mobile license must be obtained prior to use.':'Oracle Hospitality Hotel Mobile是一款原生应用程序,可将Oracle Hospitality的主要酒店功能扩展到移动设备上,支持为众多业态提供个性化服务,从而改善宾客体验。请注意,必须单独购买Oracle Hospitality Consulting服务才能设置和配置Hotel Mobile,使用之前必须获得有效的Hotel Mobile许可证。'}}

{{language == 'en'?'Product Features':'产品功能'}}
  • {{language == 'en'?'The Dashboard':'仪表盘'}}

    {{language == 'en'?'The Dashboard provides summary information of the hotel activities in real time with drill down functionality to the various departments.':'仪表盘使用各部门的深入分析功能实时地提供酒店活动的概要信息。'}}

  • {{language == 'en'?'Check-in and check-out':'入住和退房'}}

    {{language == 'en'?'Differentiate the guest experience by effectively managing the check-in & check-out process using the mobile PMS.':'通过使用移动PMS有效地管理入住和退房流程。'}}

  • {{language == 'en'?'Mobile front desk operations':'移动前台运营'}}

    {{language == 'en'?'Increase your operational efficiency by untethering your front desk operation.':'通过解放前台操作来提高运营效率。'}}

  • {{language == 'en'?'Streamline Housekeeping':'简化客房管理'}}

    {{language == 'en'?'Manage room status and track housekeeping activities.':'管理客房状态并追踪客房服务活动。'}}

  • {{language == 'en'?'Increase Maintenance Efficiency':'提高维修效率'}}

    {{language == 'en'?'Document and track maintenance tasks in real-time and upload a photo with a work order to illustrate the task.':'实时记录和追踪维护任务,并上传具有工作单的照片。'}}

{{language == 'en'?'Enhanced Experience, Streamlined Operations':'增强体验,简化操作'}}
  • {{language == 'en'?'Enable mobile check-in and check-out':'启用移动入住和退房'}}

    {{language == 'en'?'Enable mobile check-in and check-out: reservations search with intuitive filters, guest check-in, manage guest preferences, accompanying guests and sharers, room assignment, key encoding, posting charges and articles, check out with ability to email folio.':'使用直观的过滤器进行预订搜索,宾客入住,管理宾客偏好,陪同宾客和分享者,客房分配、钥匙编码,费用和物品过账,退房时支持电子邮件发送账单'}}

  • {{language == 'en'?'Streamline housekeeping':'简化客房服务'}}

    {{language == 'en'?'Get real-time updates when guests check out, prioritize rooms on queue, awareness of linen and towel change, manage room status, create maintenance tasks, enhance collaboration with the front desk.':'当宾客退房时获得实时更新,为队列中的客房设定优先顺序,意识到需要更换床品和毛巾,管理客房状态,创建维护任务,增强与前台的协作'}}

  • {{language == 'en'?'Proactive maintenance':'主动维护'}}

    {{language == 'en'?'Manage and create maintenance tasks, include picture when creating maintenance task, update and resolve maintenance tasks.':'管理和创建维护任务,创建维护任务时附上图片,更新和解决维护任务'}}