{{language == 'en'?'Product Features':'产品特性'}}

{{language == 'en'?'In the daily operation of the hotel, the front desk staff of the hotel needs to spend a lot of time to input the certificate information of the guests into the PMS. In this process, many wrong information will appear due to manual input.Effectively, therefore, to establish hotel guest history file system guest-history role in hotel management and service is very necessary, must be effectively create guest history file system, adjustment of management decision and product strategy for the hotel to provide stronger support, at the same time, the real records guest-history guest information is the Ministry of Public Security related regulations.':'在酒店日常运营中,酒店前台员工需花费大量时间将入住客人的证件信息录入到PMS中,在此过程中因手工录入会出现很多错误信息。因此,有效地建立酒店客史档案系统酒店客史档案在酒店经营与服务中的作用非常必要,必须有效地建立客史档案系统,为酒店调整的经营决策和产品策略调整提供更有力的支持,同时,真实记录客史档案客人信息也是公安部相关法规要求。在酒店日常运营中,酒店 前台员工需要花费大量的时间将入住客人的证件信息录入到 OPERA PMS中,在此过程中因手工录入会出现 很多错误信息。'}}

{{language == 'en'?'experience':'经验'}}

{{language == 'en'?'Superior Guest Service':'优质客户服务'}}

{{language == 'en'?'Product functions and advantages':'产品功能与优势'}}
{{language == 'en'?'The scan button is built in the profile interface of opera system to realize one click Import':'OPERA Profile界面内置Scan按钮,实现一键导入'}}

{{language == 'en'?'Click the scan button in the built-in profile interface of opera PMS to import the Chinese and English name, gender, birthday, certificate type, certificate number, detailed address and other information on the guest’s certificate into opera profile through opera official interface.':'通过点击OPERA PMS内置 Profile界面 Scan按钮,一键将客人证件上的中英文名、性别、生日、证件类型、 证件号码和详细地址等所有信息通过 OPERA官方接口一键导入OPERA Profile。'}}

{{language == 'en'?'Adopt the official interface of opera OPP_IDS to ensure the information security of the hotel':'采用 OPERA OPP_IDS官方接口,保证酒店信息安全'}}

{{language == 'en'?'The GreenCloud certificate scanning system reads the guest’s certificate information through the multi-functional certificate scanning equipment, and transmits the certificate information to PMS through the opp_ids (ID document scanning) interface of opera, greatly improving the accuracy of certificate information entry.':'绿云证件扫描系统通过多功能证件扫描设备读取客人的证件信息,将证件信息通过OPERA的OPP_IDS接口加密传输到PMS中,提高证件信息录入的准确性。'}}

{{language == 'en'?'Store the photos of guest’s certificates in opera and check them accurately':'OPERA中存储客人证件照片,精准核对'}}

{{language == 'en'?'The GreenCloud ID scanning system can store the guest’s ID photos in the opera guest profile in the form of attachments, and can view them directly to facilitate the hotel’s business scenarios such as checking the guest’s identity with the room card.':'绿云证件扫描系统通过多功能证件扫描设备读取客人的证件信息,将证件信息通过OPERA的OPP_IDS接口加密传输到PMS中,提高证件信息录入的准确性。'}}

{{language == 'en'?'Can filter the imported guest information':'OPERA中存储客人证件照片,精准核对'}}

{{language == 'en'?'In order to avoid replacing useful information, the GreenCloud certificate scanning system supports user-defined filtering of imported opera certificate information and overwriting the original opera system information.':'绿云证件扫描系统可以将客人的证件照片以附件形式储存在OPERA Guest Profile中,并可以在可直接查看,为酒店补办房卡核实客人身份等业务场景提供便利。'}}

{{language == 'en'?'Support team guests to register quickly to achieve accurate matching of opera profile':'导入客人证件信息可筛选'}}

{{language == 'en'?'GreenCloud certificate scanning system supports fast registration of team guests, can read the guest’s certificate information in batches, and can input the room number as a mark at the same time of reading. After the scanning is completed, you can use the "select" button to import the guest ID information into opera one by one according to the marked room number. ':'为了避免替换掉重要信息 绿云证件扫描,系统支持自定义筛选导入OPERA的证件信息及覆盖OPERA系统原信息。'}}

{{language == 'en'?'Support scanning ID card, passport and other related documents':'支持团队客人快速登记,实现精准匹配OPERA Profile'}}

{{language == 'en'?'At the same time, the hardware can also support the second generation card reader and OCR card reader.':'绿云证件扫描系统支持团队客人快速登记,可在以批量读取客人的证件信息,在读取的同时可以输入房间号 作为标记。,在扫描完成后可通过“选中”按钮逐一将客人证件信息按照标记的房间号导入OPERA。'}}