{{language == 'en'?'Effective Inventory Management':'甲骨文酒店业-物料控制系统'}}

{{language == 'en'?'Oracle Hospitality Materials Control is a comprehensive procurement, inventory, and cost-control system that provides essential data, including cost of sales, effective revenue, stock on hand, order proposals, and stocking requirements in real time.':'甲骨文酒店业物料控制系统MC应用于酒店综合采购,库存管理和成本控制领域,满足酒店行业需求。该解决方案管理涵盖全面资产,提供销售成本、有效收入、库存、订单建议和库存需求的重要实时信息,提升日常工作流程效率与食品成本管理效率。'}}

{{language == 'en'?'Oracle Hospitality Materials Control enables unprecedented effectiveness in inventory management. Daily sales data is automatically imported into the system from the point-of-sale system and will diminish stock based on associated recipes. Comparison with actual stock usage allows for quick management intervention when a discrepancy is revealed. The capability to log and monitor waste and spillage for each out let enables you to identify and track patterns. Multilevel purchasing authorization allows for cash flow monitoring to minimize overstocking.':'甲骨文酒店业物料控制系统MC带给库存管理前所未有的效率提升。每天自动读取销售点系统中的销售数据,根据关联成本卡扣减库存。同时与实际库存使用情况进行比对,快速发现差异进行管理干预。记录和监视每个销售点的浪费和溢出,实现对库存模式的识别与跟踪。多级采购授权允许对现金流进行监控,以减少库存积压。'}}

{{language == 'en'?'Real-time data provided by Oracle Hospitality Materials Control enables a variety of analyses, from cost of sales to revenue. Stock on hand, ordering templates, and par lists are also available. Information can be conveniently reviewed by outlet, property, or entire portfolio. Data validity is increased for all departments with an interface to the back-office system. In addition, Oracle Hospitality Materials Control streamlines month-end reconciliation and accounting processes.':'甲骨文酒店业物料控制系统MC提供实时数据支持,涵盖从销售成本到收入的全面分析。同时具备库存功能,订货模板功能,安全值列表功能。信息方便审查,支持销售层面审查,酒店层面审查,和整个集团层面审查。通过后台财务系统接口,所有部门的数据有效性都得到提高。此外,甲骨文酒店业物料控制系统MC简化了财务月末对账流程,实现了会计流程标准化。'}}

{{language == 'en'?'Oracle Hospitality Materials Control streamlines daily processes related to purchasing, supplier and price management, and internal requisitions. To expedite the ordering and receiving process, you can transmit purchase orders directly to suppliers from within the application via e-mail, fax, ora B2B interface. Using the Oracle Hospitality Materials Control web client, you can implement paperless internal requisitions':'甲骨文酒店业物料控制系统MC实现了对内部采购申请、采购、供应商及价格的日常流程标准化管理。为了加速订购及收货业务 流程,系统支持通过电子邮件、传真或B2B接口将采购订单直接从应用程序传输到供应商。通过使用MC网页客户端,还能实现采购申请及领料调拨无纸化。'}}

{{language == 'en'?'Oracle Hospitality Materials Control offers a Purchase Manager module, which solves today’s complex ordering processes in the hotel industry and other markets. Hotel restaurant managers are constantly placing purchase requests with the purchasing department. The Purchase Manager module enables the purchasing manager to review and approve a single purchase request or combine multiple requests from several food and beverage outlets into a single order.':'甲骨文酒店业物料控制系统MC提供采购经理模块,解决当今酒店业及其他市场的复杂订购流程。面对酒店餐厅经理经常向采购部门提出采购申请的业务要求,MC采购经理模块支持采购经理审查和批准单个采购申请,或者将来自多个餐饮销售点的多个采购申请合并为一张采购订单。'}}

{{language == 'en'?'solution':'解决方案'}}

{{language == 'en'?'Inventory Management':'库存管理'}}

{{language == 'en'?'keyfeatures':'核心特点'}}

-   {{language == 'en'?'}Preferred inventory management solution for hotels':'酒店首选库存管理解决方案'}}

-   {{language == 'en'?'Real-time data tracking for cost of sales, stock on hand, order proposals, and stocking requirements':'实时跟踪销售成本、库存、订单及库存需求'}}

-   {{language == 'en'?'Comparison of actual to planned stock usage':'对比实际库存与理论用量'}}

-   {{language == 'en'?'Transmission of purchase orders from within the application via e-mail, fax, and B2B interface to suppliers to expedite ordering/receiving processes':'支持通过电子邮件、传真或B2B接口将采购订单直接从应用程序传输到供应商,加速订购及收货业务流程'}}

-   {{language == 'en'?'Authorization workflow to efficiently control potential expenses':'审批工作流程设置有效控制潜在费用'}}

-   {{language == 'en'?'Ability to compare prices and assess their impact on planned purchases':'支持比价并且评估价格对采购计划产生的影响'}}

-   {{language == 'en'?'Supplier assessment with bid management':'供应商评估与投标管理'}}

-   {{language == 'en'?'Adjustments solution to manage complex freight, duty, and custom add-on costs':'调整解决方案,管理复杂的运费、关税和自定义附加费用'}}

-   {{language == 'en'?'Tracking of critical information for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point customers, such as temperature, expiration dates, transfer batches, and individual batch counts':'根据食品安全保证体系HACCP客户要求跟踪物料关键信息,如温度、过期日期、转移批次和单个批次数量等'}}

-   {{language == 'en'?'Mobile solutions for orders, receipts, transfers, and inventory counts':'订单、收货记录、调拨和库存盘点的移动解决方案'}}

-   {{language == 'en'?'Support for multiple tax schemas, foreign currencies, and translation of master data and the application itself':'支持多种税务模式,支持外币汇率功能,支持主数据转化和应用程序自身转化'}}

-   {{language == 'en'?'Out-of-the-box report set to analyze transactions with option to preview, print, e-mail, and export to Microsoft Excel':'即开即用的报表集组,分析传输数据,具有预览、打印、电子邮件和导出到Microsoft Excel选项的功能'}}

{{language == 'en'?'keyfeatures':'核心利益'}}

-   {{language == 'en'?'Guides management toward making inventory purchasing decisions that best meet cost objectives':'指导管理层制定最能满足成本目标的库存采购决策'}}

-   {{language == 'en'?'Reduces costly food expenses by tracking waste and loss':'通过跟踪浪费与报损,降低食品成本费用损失'}}

-   {{language == 'en'?'Provides cost savings with detailed inventory tracking':'通过跟踪库存详细数据实现节约成本'}}

-   {{language == 'en'?'Shifts the focus of your staff from inventory maintenance to providing an enjoyable guest experience':'将相关员工的工作重心从库存维护转移到为客人提供愉快的体验层面'}}

-   {{language == 'en'?'Allows for faster and more accurate transaction processing with mobile solutions':'支持使用移动解决方案进行更快、更准确的业务处理'}}